Students’ Call for Proposals


In the spirit of Open Innovation and to further promote the exchange of ideas, expertise and resources, Nokia Research Center in Lausanne is launching two rounds of Students’ Call for Proposals on February 16th, 2009. In Round One, EPFL Students are encouraged to submit an idea of any nature related to mobile applications or services, with a special emphasis on social interactions. Those identified to be the best ideas will be rewarded with the latest Nokia devices (N96, E71 and N810).

There will be a Round Two for software developers/hackers with the opportunity to actually implement their Round One ideas on Nokia N810 Internet tablets. Those judged to be the best implementations will also be rewarded with the latest Nokia devices. Additionally, there will be internship, as well as semester project, opportunities resulting from the Call for Proposals.

The two rounds of the call are independent from each other so students who want to participate in both phases need to submit separate participation forms (using the dedicated template) to enroll in each round of the call. Round Two participation forms need to be submitted simultaneously with the Round One forms.

ROUND ONE: Call for Idea Proposals

This Call for Proposals is organized by NRC Lausanne and is open to EPFL Students only. Students can submit any innovative idea for a new mobile application or service, but a special emphasis on social interactions is preferred.
The idea should be feasible to implement within a restricted period of time (i.e., within the time boundaries of Round Two), but there is absolutely NO obligation to participate in the implementation phase during Round Two (the Round One idea contest is independent of the Round Two implementation).
Opportunities to file Invention Reports will be available for selected students with the most novel ideas (combined with the opportunity to receive monetary invention rewards).
Internships or semester projects may also be offered related to those who submit relevant ideas from the perspective of the NRC Lausanne research portfolio (for spring 2009).

h2>ROUND TWO: Implementation Phase on Nokia N810 Internet Tablets

The best proposals from Round One will be selected after evaluation to be pushed forward to the implementation phase of Round Two. Students applying for Round Two should have basic programming skills to be able to work with the N810 Maemo Linux-based mobile platform.
Students are encouraged to work together in the implementation phase. To facilitate cooperation, access rights to the Nokia-EPFL Application Development laboratory in the BC building will be given to all the members of the group.
Selected students will be able to demonstrate their work at an NRC Lausanne event in June 2009 and a board will be formed to judge the best demonstrations. Promising implementation activities may be converted to semester projects for fall 2009.
The following criteria will be used in the selection of the ideas for the Round Two: Novelty, innovativeness, end-user benefit, feasibility and potential to make an impact.

Further information and the templates for submission can be found on the website

The submission deadline for both rounds is March 1st, 2009.
Email: students.cfp@nokia.com

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